Thursday the big rush began. First a woman arrived with a terrible breast cancer. Amazingly, she did not have enlarged axillary lymph nodes. We started her on chemotherapy.

Next we saw a very strange problem. An adult patient came with ambiguous genitalia. She was in fact a woman! She has a small vagina (about 1 cm diameter) and menstruates but has a large penile looking clitoris. Genetically she is female. We don't know the etiology of the ambiguity. 

The next patient also had a genital problem. This patient underwent female circumcision (? mutilation) and developed a postoperative clitoral cyst. We excised this without difficulty.
Starting at 8AM, we began a marathon of surgery for 16 hours including, 2 parotidectomies, 1 parotidectomy with radical neck dissection,  1 c-section/hysterectomy, 2 goiters, 1 incarcerated hernia, 1 facial neurofibromotosis, 1 lipoma, excision of anal warts, 1 maxillectomy and 2 neck biopsies. 
Maxillary tumor


Parotid tumor requiring radical neck dissection

Facial Neurofibroma

Finally, children arrived from Susann Holmes Orphanage to present me with gifts! They brought eggs, pineapples and a homemade placard. I was very touched