Without a diagnosis we know nothing!.

Earthwide Surgical Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing care to the poor of the world. Every other month for 4 weeks, Dr. Camazine goes to the Nigerian Christian Hospital to do surgery. The cases are often advanced and difficult. Proper pathologic diagnosis is critical so the patients can get appropriate postoperative treatment such as chemo or radiation. For the past 8 years, the Brigham and Women's Hospital has been graciously performing our pathology but this has come to an end. We are in DESPERATE need of pathological assistance. The work would involve 10-30 specimens every other month. There would be no rush as long as we could get results within one month. Getting involved would be lifesaving and a chance to be a teleconsultant on fascinating cases. If you can help, contact me-Brian Camazine, MD 254-718-0659, briancamazine@gmail.com.



This is not hidradenitis suppurativa! This man had this condition for 5 years before seeing us. We performed a radical debridedment and found that there was pyomyositis. In addition, pus tracked under the inguinal ligament into the pelvis-probably necrotic lymph nodes. After the debridement, simple dressing changes with honey cleared all the infection. He will be skin grafted in November. By the way, the same procedure was necessary on his right buttocks.