Kingsley came for surgery in September,  2013. He had a large parotid mass that we resected. The pathology  epithelial-myoepithelial carcinoma. He is doing well and our temporal is flap has epithelialized in the mouth. He will be getting radiation.

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The other day we went to Palmer Hospital (sister hospital to NCH) located in Akwa Ibom State. The team consisted of NCH personel- Drs. Camazine, Jombo, Oje; Nurse Anesthetists Eric Oje and Wilson Anyanwu; surgical technician Chimobi Micah; and nurses Angela, Joy, Favor, Kelechi and Vincent. Dr. Anekan and nurse Glory from Palmer assisted, as well.  Sixteen surgeries were performed in one day. This was an incredible effort by everyone involved and resulted in a very productive trip.
NCH team members (minus Dr. Oje)

Palmer Hospital

Operating room

Dr. Jombo-CMO at NCH

Angela, RN

Joy, RN and wound care nurse

Wilson, nurse anesthetist

Dr. Oje, Eric Oje, nurse anesthetist and Vincent, RN

Dr. Anelem, Staff physician at Palmer



This lady came to NCH with a large parotid tumor. The resection was difficult but we removed the tumor. She developed a pulmonary embolus after surgery but is doing well now. She will need adjuvant radiation treatment. Postop pictures to follow!

Radical neck dissection


This poor lady developed an esophageal stricture after swallowing a denture. She waited 3 months for me to come and dilate her esophagus. We are dilating her weekly-up to 60 F. She is eating without problem now.