The Nigerian Christian Hospital Oncology Group (henceforth N-CHOG) is formed to promote the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in Nigeria and other similar resource- limited environments. The group will be open to all interested health care providers The group will meet at least three times per year to review oncology cases and determine potential diagnostic and treatment plans. Specifically, the group will promote:
  1. The dissemination of educational material related to cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  2. The training of health care providers on cancer-related practice.
  3. The interaction between health care providers in order to diagnose and treat cancer. 
  4. The cost effective diagnosis and treatment of cancer in resource-limited environments.
  5. The interaction between members and other cancer health care providers throughout the world.
  6. Screening and early treatment of cancers, such as cervical and breast cancers.
Brian Camazine, MD
President/Founder N-CHOG

Kelechi Eguzo, MD
Chairman/Founder N-CHOG