We have been seeing some unusual surgical problems-even considering that most of what we see is unusual.

Dr. Bock taking a break
This lady has had this parotid tumor growing for many years. We will resect it this trip.  It will be hard to preserve the facial nerve.

This man has an ameloblastoma. It has been growing for at least 5 years. Today we will do a hemimandibulectomy.

This lady developed a cystic forehead mass after head trauma. She probably fractired her frontal sinus and has a traumatic meningocoele.

Frontal sinus trauma
This man has a 4 year history of a mass of the upper lip. Biopsy showed basal cell carcinoma but he
never came for treatment. The lip has been constantly bleeding so he has been applying a salve. He will need resection of the entire upper lip.

Basal cell carcinoma

This is an intraoperative photo of a lady with a large abdominal mass. It is hard to discern from the photo but there was a very large mass approximately 12 inches in diameter coming off the stomach. The mass had the consistence of a brain! It was hollowed out and connected to a large hole in the stomach yet the mucosa of the stomach was normal. There were liver metastases. I am not sure what the pathology will show.

Gastric mass