Berfore I left, my friend Gary Daniels, sent me the following email:

You popped into my mind today as I read Nigeria is slowly starting to spin of the rails.
Be careful and stay safe over there. You are doing awesome work...but have the good sense to know when it's time to throw in the towel.
I hope that day never comes for the sake of all those you have yet to help.
Keep up the good work. Gary

A nice accurate note given that Nigeria is derailed. Kidnappings, armed robbery and corruption are rampant. Nigeria is not alone with problems-the USA just had a recent mass killing and seven charity workers  giving vaccinations in Pakistan were recently murdered. 

There is no doubt that humanitarian surgery in nigeria is dangerous but I really don't think about it. Ultimately, it is important to find something in life that you love doing-then it won't be so bad if you also happen to die for it, as well.