Who is Don Thompson? Is he a pilot? Is he an AC repairman? Is he Santa Claus? Is he a missionary surgical technician? ACTUALLY-he is all these things and more. I met Don in Nigeria. He traveled there frequently with Dr. Farrar-who is the Godfather of missionary work. Don can fix anything so that's what he did at the Nigerian Christian Hospital. BUT, he always had one eye on the OR. Dr. Farrar realized this and taught him to be a surgical technician. After Dr. Farrar passed, Don started coming with me.

Don is a great guy. A true Christian, husband, father and grandfather. Also a pilot, jet engine mechanic, AC mechanic, business man, property manager, etc. AND, he plays Santa at Christmas. 

Don is a great surgical Technician. He was awarded the Golden Scalpel Award from Earthwide Surgical Foundation, along with Smart Uruakpa. I am lucky to have him accompany me on my trips