I was recognizably human; I had at least the usual complement of legs and arms; but I might have been some shameful piece of garbage. There was something indecent about the way in which I was being furtively shuffled out of life-Peter Greaves, leprosy patient 

She came to see me completely covered by a scarf. I knew immediately that there was something dark and terrible hidden away. She was subdued and timid from years of being shunned in her village. I removed the scarf and told her she did not need it at the hospital and would not need it  anymore. We would help her.

She arrived the day before I was leaving Nigeria so I promised that I would do her surgery on the next trip,  but I doubt she believed me. I showed her pictures of another unfortunate soul with a similar problem that I had repaired. I think I could see a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

She will have her surgery soon.