Aseptico Portable Dental Unit
It has been awhile since I have posted but the Humanitarian work in Nigeria has continue full speed. i am now going 4 times per year for a total of 4 months. We have progressed at the Nigerian Christian Hospital  by adding consultants in Urology (Dr. Achor), Orthopedic Surgery (Dr. Nottidge), Plastic Surgery (Dr. Akunikwe), and Dentistry (Dr. Nyerovwo). Specialties already present are Pediatric Surgery (Dr. Emem), OBGYN (Dr. Oje), General/Thoracic/Head and Neck (Dr. Camazine) and Oncology (Dr. Jombo).

I recently purchased a portable dental unit which is now in Lagos waiting to be carried to NCH. In addition, I purchased a beautiful portable bronchoscope from Pentax which will be invaluable
Pentax Bronchoscope