We arrived at the Nigerian Christian Hospital on 7/15/12,  after 48 hours of traveling. One hour after arriving we started out first case-a hernia followed by excision of giant skin cancers on an albino man and debridement of our main problem-the necrosed nose. 

If you have followed the Blog, you are aware of our young girl with a probable fungal infection of the nose and maxilla. She has had a rough time. Her infection is controlled but she has necrosed half her nose and part of the maxillary bone. We debrided the wound and will do the first stage of reconstruction this trip-working on the lip and cheek. In September, we will do a forehead flap. Naturally, she is quite depressed. The first time I saw her smile is when I gave her this cap.

On Monday, we did 8 cases including 2 radical hysterectomies, an incarcerated hernia, a giant goiter and an above knee amputation for osteosarcoma. We are already tired!