The internet was terrible the last few days so the blog has been difficult. On 7/20/12, we did 9 cases. We had several big cases including a boy with a large ameloblastoma. 


Right hemimandible removed

A mother brought her 1 month old baby in with abdominal distention. There baby had a large left sided mass. We did an exploratory laparotomy and found a large cystic kidney on the left and a much smaller cystic kidney on the right. There were megaureters and a massively distended bladder. We suspected some type of outlet obstruction. The left kidney was so large that we performed a nephrectomy.  The specimen showed that there was almost no functioning kidney remaining. We also placed a suprapubic catheter to drain the massively distended bladder.

Massively distended abdomen in a 1 month old
We also did two hernia repairs, a modified radical mastectomy, a laparotomy for SBO, a toxic goiter, a BKA and drainage of a deep neck abscess.