On October 1, Team Camazine joined Dan Kama, President of Professionals for Humanity, in Ogoni Land, for a mini-surgical clinic at the Gokana General Hospital-Terabor. Also participating were Drs. Gbaanador, Dimpka, Jombo, Okpa, Akpanudo, Madu, Nkeonye, and Oje; nurse anesthetists, Wilson, Oje and Uruakpa, surgical technician Micah and photographer Azuka. In two days we did 43 cases-34 hernias, 3 neck cases, 1 splenectomy, 1 ganglion, 3 lipomas and an I&D!!!

This was a free surgical clinic. When we arrived the patients had been pre-screened and more than 500 patients showed up for 2 days of surgery. It was chaos and many fights broke out. 
The surgical team

Chaos-lining up for a surgical slot

More chaos
Dr. Jombo, NCH Administrator, addressing the crowd

Giant abdominal mass-patient referred to NCH for operation

Basic operating room with three tables!