As I arrived at NCH this trip, I met this young man, Kingsley, on the road. I examined him right then and told him we would help. His case turned out to be a big challenge. He had a massive tumor that extended into the oral cavity. After a radical resection, the left side of the oral cavity was gone. We let him rest for a few days, then returned to surgery. First, we performed a temporalis flap to close the oral cavity. Then we performed a pectorals major myocutaneous flap to provide coverage for the face. Amazingly, it all worked! By the time I left, he was eating a regular diet. He will need radiation therapy.

Large parotid mass

Note involvement of skin

After resection-mandible exposed and left buccal mucosa resected
Temporalis flap raised
Temporalis flap used to reconstruct oral cavity

Pectoralis flap raised

One week post surgery
One week post surgery