On my last trip, Ika Imene, a 60 year-old man,  arrived with a right lower quadrant mass and abdominal distention. We operated and found a large 8 cm cecal mass. We did a right hemicolectomy. When we cut the specimen open, we found a near obstructing mass in the colon. I was sure we were dealing with a colon cancer.  Ika recovered without any complications but I thought his chances of cure were slim.

Yesterday, Dr. Danny Milner contacted me with the pathology results. Great news-the patient doesn't have cancer, he has basidiobolomycosis. I never heard of this before and I doubt many people have. Basidiowhatever is a rare disease caused by the fungus basidiobolus ranarum, an environmental saprophyte found worldwide. Treatment is surgery combined with antifungals. Great news for the patient.