We have it easy in the USA. Education is highly accessible. Travel abroad is easy. Not so in Nigeria. Eseose (God's Gift) is a very interesting woman I met in Nigeria. She is 27 years-old; newly wed to Dr. Kelechi Eguzo, administrator of the Nigerian Christian Hospital. Since her marriage, she has become pregnant for the first time and is due in September 2012. 

She attained a Bachelor of Science in microbiology at the Ambrose Alli University,  Ekpoma. She applied for training in Food Science and Technology in Belgium to begin September 2011 and was accepted-a prestigious but expensive school. She applied for her visa in May but the visa did not come through until this week.  Now she leaves for Belgium today, to start the course of study almost 2 months late.   

Think of the obstacles this young woman faces! She has never left Nigeria, She has little money. She is traveling to a foreign country to start school 2 months late. She is pregnant for the first time and will have her baby in a foreign country with no husband or relatives with her. She is as brave as they come! She is a hero!

This story is unusual but not unique. All over Nigeria, people are battling against all odds to inprove their situation. While we in the USA are living, Nigerians, and billions in the third world, are just struggling to survive. Kudos to these brave people who accept these challenges.

Addendum: Eseose made it to Belgium. She is struggling to catch up on studies and having some money problems but surviving!