Uninterrupyible power supply
Despite being a major oil producer, Nigerians are often without power. The power generating company NEPA (National Electric power Authority), and the associated delivery infrastructure are terrible. Power outages are the norm-lasting from minutes to days. Yesterday, for example, we had no power and this trip has been one of the worst in recent years. Most facilities have a back up generator which, in reality, often becomes the main source of power. NCH has a large generator but it is decades old and expensive to run. There is also a smaller generator but it cannot run air-conditioners. Recently, Dr. Kelechi installed an uninterruptible power supply (inverter). This is a system of batteries that are charged when there is power and take over when there is an outage. It is designed to run the OR for 4 hours but, after installation, it was found that the batteries were bad so the system can only supply power for about 1 hour-and the system cannot run the air-conditioners. Well, at least we have light!

Wilson-nurse anesthetist
It is a sad day-Wilson is leaving. They need his anesthesia abilities back in Enugu. He has been a great help. Chineke gozie gi (Go with God).

Smart-surgical technician and author
Today we crossed the century mark-100 surgeries. We are still plugging ahead. I am doing my surgeries with Smart Uruakpa-an excellent surgical technician who can close a wound much better than I can.