Uche Nkeonye (general surgeon) and Ifeanyi Chikekwe, AKA Professor, (Urologist) are a vital part of Team Camazine. Uche went to medical school and did general surgery training at University of Benin. I first met him when he was a resident- Dr. Mike brought him to NCH. He was a terrible surgeon. He worked hard and wore out my patience but has become a great surgeon. Uche has come to NCH to assist me several times each year since 2005.  Last year he was voted “Missionary of the Year” by NCH. 
Two heads are better than one

Professor, went to medical school at the University of Nigeria at Enugu. He did urology training at  the University of Benin City and works in Nigeria’s Delta State. He and Uche are best friends. Again, I met Prof through Dr. Mike Enyinnah, about 5 years ago. He was a resident then. Prof  has come to NCH to assist me several times each year since 2006. He is a “regular” and is beloved by all. Last year he was honored as “Missionary of the Year” at NCH.  

Besides being very fine surgeons, these two are my very good friends. They are humble chaps and I am proud to call them brothers.

Today we did 8 cases for a total of 59. Many new patients are arriving. Angelina was our first case-another giant goiter. We lost some blood but the surgery went fine.

Dr. Kelechi and his prize spleen
We also performed a splenectomy for splenomegally-probably secondary to tropical splenomegally. The spleen was quite large but not our largest. Here is Dr. Kelechi Eguzo holding his prize-a 10-point spleen!

We had one other interesting case-a 52 year-old woman who came to the hospital after an abdominal exploration elewhere. They found a large cecal tumor with liver metastases. They did a biopsy but left the near obstruction cancer. We operated and performed a right hemicolectomy. When she recovers we will give her 5-FU based chemotherapy.