The dangers of piercing
Imagine if, every time you shave, get a cut, or pierce your ears, you develop a tumor! That is the plight of of the keloid former. Keloids only occur in humans and are most common in blacks, least common in whites. The tumors can be very dramatic and very resistant to treatment. If the keloids are excised,  they often grow back larger. Overall, patient satisfaction with treatment is low.  I have found the best treatment is to send these patients to another surgeon-LOL.

This poor man developed keloids after shaving-a common presentation. The smallest nick-even one that doesn't bleed, can be the start of a lifetime of torment. In bearded areas, men will develop keloids that include hair follicles. The hairs can grow inside the dense scars and get infected with resulting draining sinuses.

We will try to help these patients.