Late entry since there was no electricity or internet-Nigerian Independence, 51 years of floundering in the darkness. When we arrived at the OR it was locked so we climbed in the window. It takes many skills to be a missionary surgeon. We did 5 surgeries today and have completed 43. There are 18 patients waiting but I expect many to come today.

A man came to see me today. He has schistosomiasis. This disease, also called bilharziosis or snail fever) is a parasitic disease caused by several species of trematodes, a parasitic worm of the genus Schistosoma. These parasites can enter the lymphatics and cause swelling of the extremities and scotum. As you can see, this mans legs and scrotum are severely affected. 

Today we did a thoracotomy with an Eloesser Flap to treat an empyema. This was the first time a double lumen tube was used at the Nigerian Christian Hospital. Eric, the anesthetist, did an expert job of placing the tube and the surgery went well.