When you are going to Africa, you don't just run down and jump on the shuttle. It takes some planning. I usually start this process before I leave from my last trip. I make a list of all the supplies we've used up and all the supplies we didn't have that we needed. Then, I spend the next several months gathering the supplies. This often requires talking with sales reps and organizations that donate supplies. Usually, through asking or begging, I get what I need. On this trip, I am taking Floseal, suture, books, computers, drains, clogs, drapes, camera, hats, Staplers, Rocephin, Precedex, scale, BP cuff, beef jerky, gum CDs, Plug adapter, IPod, Tape, cable ties, specimen bottles, gloves, central lines, gigli saws, biopsy gun, biopsy needles, spinal needles, LMAs, loops, light, batteries, toilet supplies, markers, pens, surgical instruments, towels, laps, calcium, inhalers, colostomy supplies, data sheets, cautery pencils, skin mesher, grafting knife, earphones, scrubs,  fetal dopplers, pulse oximeter, cameras and a bunch of other stuff.

Of course, I'll be charged for excess baggage. Its all worth it when you have that bloody thyroidectomy,  and ask for Floseal, and it's there.

I leave today. The patients are ready and the team is ready. I just have to travel for about 36 hours and I'll be ready.

Many thanks to my wife for letting me organize all the supplies in the foyer of our house!