Today we had some pleasant surprises. Three old patients came to visit me-Innocent, Esther and Monday. Innocent was discussed in an earlier blog. He looks great! He is about to start radiation.
Esther is a woman who came July, 2011 with a maxillary tumor. We did a maxillectomy and the pathology showed fibrous dysplasia. This is a benign growth but it can become quite large and distort the face. You can hardly tell that she had major facial surgery. She is very happy.
Monday is an old man who came July, 2011 with an obvious thyroid cancer. We did a major resection with a radical neck. After surgery, he required a tracheostomy. Each day when we visited him, he appeared to be wasting away. When I finally left for the USA, I thought he would die soon but apparently he rallied. Today he appeared looking quite well.
Today was busy. We did 11 surgeries including 3 goiters,  a recurrent parotidectomy, a submandibular mass, a giant incisional hernia, a penile cyst, and 4 biopsies. There are now 27 patients waiting for surgery and they are starting to get anxious and pushy!