In about 2 weeks, I will be heading to the Nigerian Christian Hospital. The local doctors have been scheduling surgical patients  and I expect there to be a large turnout. In addition, there are several patients who have received neoadjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer who are waiting for surgery.  Local surgeons, surgical residents and other doctors will be joining me. 

My mountain of supplies is growing by the minute. Just today, Brian Conom, from Biogel, delivered 200 pairs of surgical gloves! The following companies have donated supplies for this years trip.

1.  The employees at Good Shepherd Medical Center (Longview, TX) donated medical equipment for the African trips.

2.  The employees at ETMC Carthage Hospital (Carthage, TX) donated medical equipment for the African trip.

3.  The employees at ETMC Gilmer Hospital (Gilmer, TX) donated medical equipment for the African trip.

4.  The employees at Metroplex Adventist Hospital (Killeen, TX) donated medical equipment for the African trips.

5.  The employees at Longview Regional Medical Center (Longview, TX) donated medical equipment for the African trips.

6.  Ethicon Inc. (via MAP International) donated a huge amount of mesh and suture for hernia repairs, which were critical to our surgeries.

7.   Baxter (via Americares) supplied Floseal for hemostasis for our difficult surgeries.

8.    Tyco Healthcare/Kendall (via Americares) donated a large supply of dressings and Xeroform for our work.

9.  Teva pharmaceuticals (via Americares) donated Etodolac for postoperative pain control.

10. Ortho-McNeil Inc. (via Americares) donated Ultram for postoperative pain control.

11.  Schering-Plough Corp. (via Americares) donated Afrin Nasal Spray for our ENT work.

12.  App Pharmaceuticals (via Americares) donated Cefazolin and Ceftriaxone  for our work.

13.  Johnson & Johnson Co. (via Americares) donated Neoform Tutoplast Dermis for our work.

14.  Syneture (via Americares) donated suture for our work.

15.  Hospira (via Americares) donated Precedex for our work.

16.  AutoSuture (via Americares) donated skin staplers for our work.

17.  ValleyLab (via Americares) donated electrodes and electrocautery pencils for our work

18.  C.R. Bard (via Americares) donated Avitene, mesh and drains for our work.

19. CooperSurgical donated Lone Star Retractor Kits, gynecological instruments and laparoscopic equipment to Earthwide.

20.  Ethicon (via Ryan Newhouse) donated mesh for our many hernia repairs.

21. Integra LifeSciences Corporation donated a skin grafting knife and blades for use in our many plastic surgery cases.

22. The Merci Program (Medical Equipment Recovery of Clean Inventory) of the University of Virginia Health System donated valuable supplies for our mission trip to Nigeria.

23.  Atrium Medical donated surgical mesh for hernia repair for our work.

24.  SonoSite, Inc. provided a “loaner” ultrasound for the work in Nigeria.

25. Friends of Ostomates Worldwide-USA (FOW-USA) donated ostomy supplies for patients who require ostomies. This is very important for these unfortunate patients since quality ostomy supplies are either not available or very expensive in Nigeria.

26. Applied Medical donated a selection of surgical supplies including laparoscopic cholangiocaths, laparoscopic clip appliers and Alexis retractors.

27. Biogel USA (Brian Conom) donated gloves for our trips.