After traveling from Dallas to Frankfort, then Frankfort to Lagos, I soon found out that there was a general strike in Nigeria and domestic flights were not flying. I was stuck in lagos!. Finally, I decided to take a bus from Lagos to Aba-no small feat. The picture shows the bus stop for Young Shall Grow motors. When I got on the bus, the driver told me "Don't sleep during the trip". He wouldn't say why. This did make me slightly insecure. The bus left at 10P and traveled through the night -arriving in Aba at 6A. Then the hospital driver picked me up. I arrived at NCH at 0700 and was rounding on patients by 0730. The poor lady below was on the female ward with an advanced breast cancer. She has already received 1 course of chemotherapy and, apparently, the tumor has shrunk and she is much better! I will operate before I leave. There are about 25 patients waiting for surgery.