Over the last 3 days we have done 21 cases for a total of 116 cases. The cases include 1 mastectomy, 3 goiters, 1 large skin cancer, 1vein stripping/Linton Procedure, 1 wound debridement, 1 orchiopexy, 2 lymph node biopsies, 1 inguinal hernia, 3 ventral hernias, 1 c-section, 2 laparotomies, 1 splenectomy, 1 syndactally, 1 excision of a bladder tumor and 1 prostatectomy. A diverse group!

Many are leaving to return to their work. The only surgeon besides myself is Professor. Dabs left today but was stopped by the mobile police. They accused him of having a stolen vehicle. Dr. Kelechi and I immediately went to the police stop and sorted things out. It was clear the mobile police were looking for a dash (AKA bribe). They should pray that they don't get appendicitis anytime soon.