The first case of the day was a very difficult thyroidectomy. The goiter was substernal and very vascular. We got it out but it was a struggle. Fortunately. the recurrent laryngeal nerves and parathyroids are intact. 

We followed with a giant spleen. The patient was somewhat unhealthy. When we entered the abdomen, we found a hemoperitoneum! I think this was caused by small areas of infarct in the spleen due to its size.
The team is growing. Dr. Bock left but Uche arrived. We also have Drs. Eze, Charles, Kelechi, John, as well as Wilson, our nurse anesthetist (far right), and Smart, our surgical technician (3rd from left). Tomorrow will be a big day. Patients will pour into the hospital joining the 15 we already have waiting.