DAY 1-4

Left January 4th at 1100
3 hr drive  to DFW airport
2 hr flight to Atlanta
11 hr flight to Lagos
Overnight Stay at local hotel
2 hr domestic flight from Lagos to Uyo
2 hr drive fro Uyo to Nigerian Cristian Hospital
Arrived Jan 6 at 1730
Unpacked supplies
Rounded on patients
Ate chicken and rice

Jan 7-6 cases

Excision Toxic Goiter
Excision giant goiter
Excision giant ovarian tumors
Small bowel obstruction with right hemicolectomy
Cholecystectomy/Partial gastrectomy for perforated ulcer
Sistrunk procedure for thyroglossal duct cyst

Patients are starting to pour into the hospital
Dr. Madu (resident), Dr. Emem (attendin) helping