Malaria is endemic in Nigeria so you can expect to get sick when you visit. There is malaria prophylaxis but in my experience it is not very effective so I stopped using prophylaxis several years ago. I usually get a case every trip but it is very mild and responds to treatment. Unfortunately, my current case has been recalcitrant to the normal treatments including two courses of Fansidar and one course of P-Alaxin. I am recovering now.

During the last few days I have not blogged but we have been working hard. We have done 18 cases in the last 3 days including:

1. Inguinal hernia repair
2. Giant scrotal hernia repair
3. Excision of thrombophlebitis secondary to chemo infiltration
4. Six total thyroidectomies for goiter
5. Two total thyroidectomies for toxic goiter
6. TruCut biopsy of the neck fot a large mass
7. Laparotomy for SBO
8. TruCut biopsy of breast mass
9. Excision of breast mass
10. Radical hysterectomy for cervical cancer including resection of the rectum and left iliac lymph node dissection
11. Excision of premaxillary cyst
12. Exploratory laparotomy for strangulated cecum in a ventral hernia requiring right hemicolectomy, and venral hernia repair

This is the man with the premaxillary cyst

This lady had a similar cyst which was repaired several years ago with good result

There are 13 cases waiting for surgery and many more coming. There is always a big rush at the end of trips, especially on Mondays