In the last 3 days we have done 15 cases. I am fighting a mild malaria but we are continuing our work.

1. Resection of a giant ameloblastoma
2. Excision of a posterior auricular mass
3. Total thyroidectomy for toxic goiter
4. Total abdominal hysterectomy for dysfunctional uterine bleeding
5. Tonsillectomy
6. Inguinal hernia repair
7. Hysterectomy and ureterotomy for stone
8. Excision flank mass
9. Breast lumpectomy 
10. Epigastric hernia repair
11. Repair giant inguinal hernia
12. Excision submandibular ,mass with radical neck dissection
13. Suprapubic catheter for retention
14. Total thyroidectomy for toxic goiter
15. Repair recurrent ventral hernia

Specimen from patient 12 above
Radical neck

Radical neck Specimen