I am leaving for the Nigerian Christian Hospital on January 4 for 4 weeks. Many patients are waiting. Coincidentally, I met the following young man on Facebook. He has a third time recurrence of a jaw ameloblastoma. he plans to come to NCH and have surgery. 

My name is Anayo Isaac. I am a young man with dreams and aspirations. I am a graduate of Applied Biochemistry from Esut Enugu. I have a disease that has made my life unbearable. It is called Ameloblastoma, but has grown worse to cancer of the mandible. This whole thing started in 2009 after my final year project defence. I have undergone two surgeries at UNTH and ATAH MEMORIAL HOSPITAL both in Enugu state, to take it off, but it has still grown back and even gone worse. I have been linked to a hospital in Pakistan by someone who had a similar experience, he had his and is living a normal life now. The doctors said they can treat mine as well. Please I need help urgently as the pains and discomfort are becoming unbearable. My family and I have exhausted all we have on this problem. I have been able to carry out requested analysis and sent the results to the doctors over their. The whole operation including transportation and other logistics has been estimated to be at least 5million (#5,000,000). I need help to raise this money and take away these pains and live a normal life again. Please kind hearted individuals should come to my aid by paying into this account. Acct name:Ugwuaba Anayo. Acct no: 0053194804. Bank: access bank. My phone no is 08101254500 For those who wish to see me and confirm my story. I pray that God will bless us all and wipe away our tears... God bless you..

Of course, we will be able to do his surgery for a lot less money and it will probably not recur. I have done dozens of these cases without a recurrence which usually results when the surgeon tries to do a lesser operation which is cosmetically nicer but surgically inadequate. Isaac will need a hemimandibulectomy. After, he should be able to eat and speak quite well.

Even patients requiring a total mandibulectomy do quite well. Below are two recent examples.