Yesterday we had an interesting day. The first case was a lady with a large parotid tumor. We easily found the 7th nerve and she had a big smile after we finished. Next, we performed a nasal polypectomy and two thyroidectomies for large goiters. we finished the head and neck cases with a resection of a tonsillar cancer and radical neck dissection!

Later, we resected a sarcoma from the thigh, performed a hydrocelectomy, anal fistulotomy, an inguinal hernia repair and drained a pelvic abscess.
Ambiguous genitalia

In clinic, I saw an interesting case of ambiguous genitalia. A 5 year old girl with a large clitoris and a vagina. Ultrasound showed a uterus and ovaries. I advised no treatment at this time as the child is being raised as a girl. We will follow her progress toward puberty. This is a complex problem.