A baby screams as it gets ketamine for its hernia repair. Dr. Bock and Dr. Ifeanyi are doing a bilateral inguinal hernia repair. Dr. Uche is doing a total thyroidectomy. Prince, the CRNA is getting a lady ready for a laparotomy after a motor vehicle accident (she had a blunt perforation of the cecum). A post C-section patient is bleeding from DIC. A patient with a fistula in ano and another with an inguinal hernia are waiting for surgery. A man with breast cancer who has had 3 courses of chemotherapy is ready for a mastectomy. Patients are coming to the OR complaining about waiting for surgery while others are complaining about their bills. I am seeing patients in clinic-making snap major decisions about surgery with inadequate information. If I could only clone myself!  This is a day's work in Nigeria.