I wrote the other day about the baby with a left neck cystic hygroma. We had to do a tracheostomy for airway control. Today we took him to the OR for resection. OMG!!! The hygroma extended into the left chest and, when I palpated the intrathoracic portion from the neck, if was hard-not cystic. We opened the left chest through an anterior thoracotomy and found that the hygroma was attached to a extra-lobar pulmonary sequestration. The sequestration was being fed by arterial branches from the subclavian artery. We resected the sequestration and the cystic hygroma.

After the cystic hygroma, we performed two thyroidectomies, a nephrectomy, a cholecystectomy, a wrist ganglia and a repair of a scrotal laceration. A total of 44 cases in 5 days. Twenty patients are waiting for surgery and more are coming every day

ADDENDUM (5/23/12)-Here is our baby after resection of the cystic hygroma/pulmonary sequestration. He is about to go home.